Palm Oil & Sugar Plants

A variety of pumps and pumping applications are found in the Palm Oil and Sugar industries in the production process, cooling water and water and waste water treatment. We have a wide range of high quality pumps to cater to almost every needs in the industries.
Slurry Pump
Centrifugal Slurry pumps come with easily replaceable liners and offer exceptional wear life and reliability, providing the lowest total cost of ownership. Typical applications are for waste water, waste sludge, coal handling, de-watering, sewage and Flue Gas Desulphurization (FGD). We offer up to 22,700m3/hr capacity with head up to 120m and up to 850kW. 
Solid Handling Pump
Our Solid Handling Pumps with semi open impeller, heavy duty, rigid and large diameter shaft offer good wear life and reliability.They are mainly used for Crude Oil transfer, Sludge and condensate pumps. The capacity range up to 200m3/hr with head up to 80m.
Vertical Multi-Stage Pump
The Stainless Steel Vertical Multi Stage Pump from Lowara is a highly reliable and technologically advanced multipurpose pump use in commercial and Industry Water and Treatment, Fire Fighting, Agriculture & Irrigation, Municpality Water and HVAC applications. Many different construction designs are available, with capacity range up to 160 m3/hr and head up to 330m and  up to 55kW power.
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Horizontal Multi-Stage Pump
The High Pressure Multistage Centrifugal Pumps are used as Boiler Feed Water Pump, as pressure booster, in irrigation, water supply and waterworks and many other high pressure applications. We offer our pump with capacity up to 600m3/hr and head up to 2500m.                            
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Centrifugal End Suction Pump
The single stage end suction pumps are highly efficient and flexible. They are used for wide range of pumping applications, from water supply and irrigation to mining and building services. They are available up to 4600 m3/hr capacity with head up to 170m and size up to 600mm.
Axial Split Case Double Suction Pump
These Large Capacity, Single Stage, Horizontal/Vertical Split Case Double Suction Pumps are designed for a wide variety of Industrial, Municipal and Power Generation Services. They are used mainly as Cooling Water Pump, Circulating Water Pump and Auxiliary condensate pump. We offer capacity up to 30,000m3/hr with head up to 230m and size up to 1600mm.          
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Rotary Lobe Pump
Our Rotary Lobe pumps are used in a variety of industries including sugar, pulp and paper, chemical, food & beverages. Their compact construction means space saving and are self priming up to 7-8mt. It is possible to have intermittent dry running without suffering lobes and mechanical seal damage. The capacity range from 520 to 3300ltr/min with maximum pressure  up to 8 Bar.
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Submersible Sewage Pump
We offer the most efficient system in the market with a unique self-cleaning impeller and the casings are specifically configure to process solid more easily and reduce clogging. The typical applications are in Sewage and Waste Water. The capacity range up to 1620m3/hr with head up to 55m.  
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Progressive Cavity Pump
The  Pumps are designed for easy and low maintenance (wear parts can easily be replaced on the site). They are heavy duty pumps for pumping abrasive sludge, viscous products, oils, emulsions etc. Due to the steady non turbulent flow they can also handle shear sensitive products and medium with solids content without breaking up the solids. The capacity range up to 200m3/hr with pressure up to 30Bar.
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Vertical Sump Pump
Our Vertical Sump pumps feature heavy duty construction, long service life and easy maintenance. They are offered in a variety of materials to match your requirements, combining flexibility and dependability in abrasive/corrosive applications. They are available up to 1600m3/hr capacity with head up to 55m and size up to 200mm.
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Self-priming Pump
Self-Primer is a rugged & dependable self-priming, solids handling, trash pump. A solids handling pump that is suitable for a wide range of applications. True solids handling pumps for tough jobs. Typical applications are in Power plant waste, Sewage, Industrial waste, dewatering, mining, automative, poultry industry and sea or river water drainageThe capacity range up to 725m3/hr and head up to 39m with size up to 250mm.
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Vacuum Pump
The high efficiency Water Ring Vacuum pump is widely used in Paper making, Tobacco, sugar, textile, food, metallurgy, mineral separation, mining, coal washing, chemical fertilizer, oil refinery, chemical industry, power and electronic industry. We offer up to 11,200m3/hr capacity with suction pressure fro 33 to 1013mBar and power up to 800kW.